Deed Restriction Enforcement

Each neighborhood in WTC MUD No.1 is subject to deed restrictions that were put in place by the original developer of your neighborhood. Deed restrictions are rules that limit the use or appearance of lots in a subdivision. Such rules are tied to the title of the land and do not change depending on who owns the property. All the lots within a subdivision, or a section of a subdivision, share the same set of rules, and anyone who purchases property within a deed restricted area is contractually obligated to adhere to that property’s deed restrictions.

WTC MUD No.1 does not write deed restrictions and has no authority to amend the deed restrictions on your property. However, WTC MUD No.1 does help enforce the existing deed restrictions in Anderson Mill West, Hunter’s Glenn, and Volente Hills under the authority given to municipal utility districts by the state for the purposes of sustaining property values. Deed restrictions in the Lakeline Oaks neighborhood are enforced by the Lakeline Oaks Homeowners Association.

Texas Statues §54.237(b) reads as follows:

A district may take all actions necessary to enforce a restriction, including the initiation, defense, or intervention in litigation or an administrative proceeding to enjoin or abate the violation of a restriction when, in the reasonable judgment of the board of directors of the district, enforcement of the restriction is necessary to sustain taxable property values in the district.

Concerns, Questions, or Report a Violation

To make a complaint about a violation:

  1. You must be a qualified voter in the District or the owner of land subject to taxation in the District. Your water billing address or proof of property ownership must be included with your complaint.
  2. Each complaint must contain an address and date where the alleged violation occurred, a photograph, video, or supporting evidence, and must provide an adequate description of the alleged violation.
  3. Complaints about violations outside the complaining party's section will not be processed or acted upon. For instance, a resident of Anderson Mill West Section 1 may submit complaints about violations within Anderson Mill West Section 1, but complaints about violations in other sections will not be processed or acted upon.

To report a violation or ask a question about your deed restrictions, please contact the third-party company responsible for your neighborhood’s deed restriction enforcement:

Anderson Mill West and Hunter's Glenn 1 and 2

Beth Jones

Linda Fabre

David Flores

Hanoi Avila

Kelley Masters

Lakeline Oaks

Cameron Carlson ▪ Manager Support Preferred Assoc. Management Co (PAMCO)
Customer Service: 512-918-8100
Contracted with Lakeline Oaks Homeowner's Association

Volente Hills

Celia Fielding
Connect Community Management
Contracted with Volente Hills Homeowner's Association

Deed Restriction Documents

Deed restrictions vary depending on what neighborhood and section you live in. If you are unsure of your neighborhood and/or section number, you can look that information up using your respective county’s property search tool. Click here to jump to the document: Documents

For Travis County residents, click here:

Directions: Insert your property address and when your information comes up, look for the “legal description” of your property, as shown in the example image below. In this example, the property is located in the Anderson Mill West neighborhood, Section 17.

Please note that if your legal description says you live in Anderson Mill West Sec 19 or Sec 20, you are in the Volente Hills neighborhood for the purposes of the deed restrictions.

For Williamson County residents, click here:

Directions: Insert your property address and when your information comes up, click on the “Details” tab at the top and look for the “legal description” of your property, as shown in the example image below. In this example, the property is located in the Anderson Mill West neighborhood, Section 4.

*Properties in AMW 6A are subject to the restrictions for AMW 6

Hunter's Glenn Deed Restriction Documents

Hunters Glenn Sec 1Hunters Glenn Sec 2

Lakeline Oaks Deed Restriction Documents

Lakeline Oaks Sec 1-5 Amended

**Volente Hills (AMW Sec 19 and Sec 20) - Original, Superseded by 2012 Declaration

Rules Governing Violations of Deed RestrictionsBlockage of Public Sidewalks and StreetsSpecific Rules Not Enforced by WTC MUD NO. 1

Review of Proposals for Construction or Modification

The Architectural Control Committees (ACC) for each of the neighborhoods in the District are responsible for reviewing plans submitted by property owners for construction or modifications to their property. The respective ACC reviews these plans to ensure the proposed construction or modifications comply with the deed restrictions applicable to the property.

To submit a proposal for your property, please use the forms below and submit them using the contact information provided on the form: Please note that at this time no ACC exists for Anderson Mill West or Hunter’s Glenn 2. For Lakeline Oaks, please contact PAMCO (contact info above).

Hunter's Glenn 1Volente Hills

General Information and Responses to Frequently Asked Questions

Hunter's Glenn Sec 2 Deed Restriction Information

Driveway Permit Application

Any work done within County ROW will require a permit from Williamson County. For a new driveway or driveway modifications, the resident will need to fill out a driveway permit application and send it to Williamson County via email or mail.

Depending on the property location there are a number of factors that will be considered, including:

  • Driveway spacing and sight distance
  • Drainage impacts
  • Maximum driveway width is 25’ for residential driveways
  • Plat restrictions
  • Obstructions
Driveway Permit

Main Office (Open Tues & Thur 7am - 4pm)
1000 Old Mill Road, Cedar Park, TX 78613
(512) 246-0498

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