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Payments are due 20 days after the billing date, which is the 20th of each month.

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What Services Does My Bill Cover?

WTC MUD 1 bills residents on a monthly basis for the following services (all of the following are included on the same bill):

Ways to Pay:

Online Bill Pay:

Our online payment system maintains the highest levels of security for your protection (see notice below about customer confidentiality). Your online account will give you access to the following:

  • Your monthly statements
  • Your water consumption history
  • Important information relevant to WTC MUD 1
  • Electronic and automatic payment options
  • Optional reminders to pay
  • Optional paperless bills

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PLEASE NOTE: Online payments made via credit card will be assessed a 3% processing fee.

Direct Payment Through Your Bank:

  • Please note there is a $1.00 flat fee to pay via direct bank draft.
  • Use the exact address shown on your bill and double check that your account number is correct. Any difference in information will delay receipt of your payment.
  • Please check with your bank to ensure timely delivery of your payment, as delivery times can vary between banks.


A payment dropbox is located outside the District building at 1000 Old Mill Road. Please enclose your payment in an envelope before placing it in the box. This box is checked during normal business hours Monday - Friday 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM.

Walk-In Payments:

Bills may be paid in person at the office in the District Building (1000 Old Mill Road) Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday from 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM and on Mondays and Fridays from 7:30 AM to 12: 00 PM. If you need assistance and these times/days are not adequate for your schedule, please contact the district Operations Coordinator at 512-246-0498 or csaus@inframark.com to discuss other options.

By Mail:

Follow the instructions on your paper bill to pay by mail.

By Phone:

Follow the instructions on your paper bill to pay by phone. Credit card payments will be assessed a 3% processing fee.

What Happens if I am Late Paying My Bill?

  • If a customer does not pay their bill by the due date, the account will be charged a 5% late fee.
  • If the customer has still not paid by the time the District processes the bills for the next billing cycle, the District will send the customer a letter indicating that failure to pay will result in disconnection of water service. These letters will be mailed out no fewer than 15 days prior to the date of disconnection. The letter will specify the amount due and the deadline for payment.
  • Five days prior to disconnection of service, the District will hang a tag on the customer’s door indicating that service is scheduled to be disconnected if the account is not paid.
  • Customers who make an online payment or pay by dropping off a check in the drop box after 4:00 pm the day before the scheduled disconnection must also contact customer service (1-800-579-4500) so the account can be noted and removed from the disconnection schedule.
  • On the scheduled day of disconnection, a deposit of $200 for residential $750 for owners of multi-family housing and a $40 reconnection fee will be billed to the delinquent account – regardless of disconnection status, the fees applied will be due before reconnection can be made.
  • In order to restore service following a disconnection, the customer must pay the total amount due, including all fees and deposits.
  • If payment is made on a weekend or after 4:00 pm on a weekday and the customer is requesting reconnection outside of normal business hours, and additional after-hours fee at the District's Cost per the Districts Rate Order will be applied to the account. This fee can be avoided by waiting until normal business hours on the next business day to have service reconnected.
  • Once payment in full has been confirmed, a technician will visit the property to reconnect service.
  • After a year of service following a reconnection, customers in good standing, with no additional late payments, disconnects, or returned payments may request a refund of the additional deposit amount that was collected on the day of their disconnection (described above).

Connect/Disconnect Water and Wastewater Service

To Connect Your Service

New residents must fill out the following application and provide a copy of government-issued photo identification.

Application for Utility Service

A deposit will be required to connect service, along with an application fee. Both the application fee and the deposit will show on your first month’s utility bill.

Service connections will be performed Monday-Friday between the hours of 8 am to 2 pm, with at least 24 hours notice. No connections will be performed on weekends or holidays.

To Disconnect Your Service

Please contact Inframark at 512-246-0498 or email us at csaus@inframark.com to request disconnection of service. Please note the following:

  • Requests take 24 hours to process Monday through Thursday. Requests received on a Friday will not be processed until the following Monday. Please allow additional processing times for holidays.
  • If you are moving, please provide a forwarding address where we can forward your deposit. If you fail to provide a forwarding address, we cannot guarantee refund of your deposit.
  • Deposits will be refunded 6-8 weeks after your service is disconnected via a check mailed to your forwarding address.

Water and Wastewater Rates and Calculations


Your wastewater (sewer) charges are calculated based on your average water usage over the winter months of December, January, and February, when irrigation is typically at its low point.

This is often referred to as “wastewater averaging.”

Because of this, you can save money year-round by turning off your irrigation system and generally minimizing water usage during the winter months. Laws are dormant during that time period and do not need watering.

If you experience a leak during this time period, please ensure you have proper documentation of the leak and then contact Inframark (csaus@inframark.com) for an adjustment.

If the leak occurred over the course of a single month during winter averaging the affected month will be removed from averaging. If the leak occurred over multiple months during winter averaging, the average from the prior year will be used in place of the current year.


Your water bill is calculated using a tiered rate structure that relates to the amount of water you consume.

Water Rate

$ 15.00Minimum Rate for Service
$ 11.06Minimum Rate for Service (residents aged 65 or older)
$ 4.66Rate per 1,000 gallons metered for usage between 0 gallons and 10,000 gallons
$ 5.60Rate per 1,000 gallons metered for usage between 10,001 gallons and 15,000 gallons
$ 6.71Rate per 1,000 gallons metered for usage above 15,001 gallons

Sewer Rate

$ 10.00Minimum Rate for Service
$ 7.37Minimum Rate for Service (residents aged 65 or older)
$ 3.62Rate per 1,000 gallons metered for usage above 0 gallons

Misc Rates

$ 27.58Fire Protection Fee
0.50 %TCEQ Fee

What To Do if You Have a Water Leak

If there is a leak on your property, please call a professional plumber to locate and correct the problem. Do not call Inframark to investigate the problem (unless you spot any of the problems described below).

Should your plumber determine that the issue is not your responsibility, you would then contact Inframark. The leak will be considered a high priority and will be investigated within 24 hours. If the leak is investigated by Inframark outside of business hours and it is determined to be the customer/resident’s responsibility – the customer/resident will be charged the cost of the call-out, per the district rate order.

For leaks that are determined to be the resident’s responsibility - Once you have repaired the leak, you may submit the details for a possible adjustment to your bill. To request an adjustment, please submit the following information to Inframark at csaus@inframark.com

  • Service address or account number
  • Details regarding the specific location and/or cause of the leak. Please note that leaks that are the result of faulty appliances inside the home (e.g., leaky toilet, refrigerator, etc.), do NOT qualify for an adjustment. Only leaks that are the result of plumbing issues inside the walls or underground quality of a leak adjustment.
  • Proof that the leak has been repaired (either a repair invoice or, if self-repaired, a parts receipt and before-after photos).
  • Estimated timeframe for when the leak was occurring and the date of repair. Please note that leak adjustments can include no more than 3 months of usage.

If your leak qualifies for an adjustment, the District will determine how much of your total usage is “normal” usage versus “leak usage” by taking a 12-month average (from before the leak) and subtracting that amount from the total usage for the time period in which the leak occurred. The portion of the total usage that is determined to be your “normal usage” (i.e. not a result of the leak) will be billed at the normal rate based on the table above and the portion that is determined to a result of the leak will be billed based on the lowest tier rate in the table above.

For information about reporting a leak during the months of December, January, and/or February (winter averaging), please see above.

When to Call the District

  • You are experiencing a leak within your meter box or beyond your meter toward the sidewalk/road
  • You witness a water leak anywhere within the district including parks, ponds, roadways, easements, etc.
  • You come across a sink hole in the roadway
  • You come across lose or un-bolted manhole lids
  • If you are experiencing low water pressure within your entire home
  • If you witness a fire hydrant that is leaking or has been hit/damaged due to a vehicle collision

Notice About Confidentiality of Customer Information

Chapter 182 of the Texas Utilities Code as amended in 2021 by House Bill 872 provides that a government-operated utility may not disclose personal information (customer’s address, telephone number, and social security number) in a customer’s account, or any information related to the volume or units of utility usage or amounts billed or collected for such utility usage, unless the customer elects to allow such information disclosed.

The Utilities Code requires the District to provide notice of the customer’s right to allow disclosure of his or her personal information. Therefore, if you wish to allow disclosure of your personal information, please contact the District Operator, Inframark, via telephone at 512-246- 0498 or via email at MUDCustomerService@Inframark.com so they can provide you a disclosure form for you to complete and return.

Note: The District is allowed to disclose information in a customer’s account record to federal, state, or local government officials; to District employees, officials, and operations personnel; to consumer reporting agencies; to a contractor or subcontractor approved by and providing services to the District, the state, a political subdivision of the state, or the United States; or to any other provider of utility services.

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