Hatch Lift Station - Rehab Update

May 28, 2024 12:00 pm

The Hatch Lift Station rehabilitation is well underway and nearing completion in the coming days. We want to thank the residents that live near by for their patience with the pump and haul noises, as well as the construction noises they've had to endure. We recognize that this can be a hindrance to normal schedules and appreciate the grace you've provided, to the district, during the duration of this project.

Here is what we know:

While the Hatch Lift Station rehabilitation project is well underway, these types of jobs are often subject to small hiccups along the way. While the project was expected to complete on Thursday, May 24th, due to some installation issues and additional parts being needed, the job continued through the weekend while the contractor has continued to work diligently on correcting the issues and sourcing the parts needed.

With this, the pump and haul trucks were relocated away from the manhole on the corner of Mulberry and Hatch, and moved to pumping right out of the wet well at the lift station. This was not an option early on, however, with the progress that has been made, it now is.

The hope is to have all matters addressed and to bring the lift station back online sometime this week, hopeful for early in the week.

The board appreciates your patience and is working diligently with the districts Engineer to ensure the project is completed properly and timely.

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